AstreOS started in a garage, between 2 friends, one sighted, one blind. While discussing an upcoming solar eclipse, a question rose to our mind. How can the stars and the sky speak their beauty through sound and touch, using spatial awareness? After extensive research across all of the available data coming from NASA, the ESA and myriad ground telescopes and spacecrafts orbiting our planet, the answer came in an iconic scene in the movie “Contact”, based on the novel by Carl Sagan. Signals come in many flavors. Electrical engineers use sound to analise frequencies, and so why not apply this to the science of astronomy.

The name AstreOS comes from the concatenation of the name Astrius, god of dusk and Eos, goddess of dawn. Connected by their cyclical revolution, they represent Janus, the god looking into the past and the future. Light and dark interact in more ways than the eye can see. So why not hear and touch the universe as well?

AstreOS is a multi sensorial astronomy app using the accelerometer to provide spatially accurate locations of every object in the sky. Move your phone around to target planets, moons, asteroids, comets, constellations, black holes and galaxies where they are currently located in the sky.

Enter constellations or clusters of celestial objects, and hear them revolve around you as you orbit around the hyperplane center, and hear both real and interpreted signals of the universe in your headphones, or on a multi channel sound system.

Use the LEAH (Light Entity Assistive Heuristic) system to accompany your discovery process, as she shows you how to use the app, and respond to your queries.

We are striving to connect the app to every available data servers, including the NASA horizon system, the exoplanet archive, the GAIA project, near earth objects, and many more with billions of objects yet to be analysed and explored by sound.

Our app was selected as the winner of a hackathon, as we spent 51 hours adding an essential component to our app, the ability to connect to earth orbiting science crafts to capture weather, wind, CO2, fire and other scientifically relevant information for our earth view, in which you can rotate around the planet to see various color maps of these features.

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