Melanie Johnston hollit

Lesian, our workshop elf with bright sharp blue eyes and a keen sense of profiling, looked at what professor Melanie Jonhston-Hallit likes outside of her multi-faceted research journey, from advanced mathematics to radio astronomy, and found a cultivated vestibular past and a liking for beautiful retro furniture. Staying in a plush environment is a great catalyst for reflection.
And so this Victorian era couch was conceived, in full detail, as a gift for professor Hallit. The only issue is that this unique piece got lost before it can even reach the professor, and we’re still wondering where on earth it has gone.
Sorry Lesian, it was such a beautiful piece, we’re definetely intent on creating a new piece and send it to professor Hallit.
You can hear the podcast where we discuss UmuahMuah, the WMA array located in the desert area of Western Australia, and other radio astronomy based discussions here