AstreOS logo development

Just like in engineering, where a product may take hundreds, even thousands of iterations before reaching a satisfying level of quality, the design process also is about the journey into expressing exactly what a logo may mean.
An image is worth a thousand words, and sculpted or modelled pieces can also take this reflective journey, to reach levels of cultivation and impression on the viewer which strikes many references into a dense artistic piece.
The AstreOS logo tries to reflect the meaning of the word AstreOS itself, which is the concatenation of Astrius and Eos, both gods of ancient times, also representing Janus, the god of past and future, which has its greek and even further down the track, ancient egyptian roots, the Sekhmet, represented in the below illustration.

Why take so much time and reflection on such an innocuous thing such as a logo? Branding aside, a logo is meant to express what it represents. In the case of AstreOS, we are looking to make the conjunction of culture, science, design and technology.

If you look at the male face, facing west, you will see the Olmecs, considered to have african roots, with some anthropologists theorising that they traversed the Atlantic using uniquely designed boats, and using the stars to navigate. The statuesque face and sculpted features, somber as they are, represent a tradition of human beings for looking into darkness, at the sky, to populate our inspired nights towards the next day.

The hyperborean face looking towards the east represents the agricultural needs experienced by northern tribes to get past cold winters, where harvests, stockpiling, and anticipation gave human kind the ability to create new tools, and conquer the fertile crescent region spanning europe, the middle east and asia.

The cycle between dusk and dawn is one of an eternal relationship which exists across the universe, and this occurs with a broad spectrum from light to dark, both which rely upon each other to exist.
The double cosmonaut helmet is designed to illustrate this merger of past and future, tradition and technology, science and culture, and the diversity with which this merger has evolved in time. The headphone shaped side represents the audio sphere within which we can better understand signals, as AstreOS is the first astronomy app which provides not only a visual representation of the universe, but also a sound and haptic dimension.


We have taken the extremely saturated, velvety and striking Klein blue as the color of the logo, as it represents the sky which accompanies our existence. The depth of the blue represents how limitless the sky is when it comes to creation